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Hi, I Am Sanjay Goyal

I belonged to a Lower middle-class family doing my traditional business with not much education in the field of nutrition. The traditional business that i used to do is not running in good condition and also due to the heavy work load my health starts deteriorating i was looking for some extra Income. One day I came to know about Herbalife opportunity through one of my friends and we attended an a meeting together just for a try where we saw some ordinary people making extraordinary income. We started using the herbalife Products. We got energy, active lifestyle and fitness and my life completely got a drastic change. People started asking about it & thus we started sharing our product results and the business started.

After certain period i attended some national and International training to understand the business better and with this powerful training System, we got better lifestyle and most important, i got the knowledge about our nutritional well-being that changed my entire life and i started investing mor on my personal improvement and became the person that i am today. Now I could give more time to family, our lifestyle has completely changed now, my children is studying in one of the best school today, we travel for many vacations and trainings together, but more importantly, we have become better human
beings. This was all possible with our hard work and dedication.

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